Care Notebook Workshop

In caring for a child with cancer, families get information and paperwork from many sources. Participants of this workshop will be provided tools to organize their most important information in a central place, making it easier for them to find and share key information with others who are part of their child’s care team. Providers and families alike will benefit from this workshop as they receive all documents to maintain care notebooks on a CD to take home for future updating.

Supporting Parent Training

The goal of this training is to build a statewide network of family members who can appropriately mentor those who are just starting out in caring for a child with cancer.

Telling Your Story Training

This training is designed to train family members of children with cancer to organize and reflect their personal experiences in a way that is meaningful to their audience.  This training addresses the organization and sharing of personal information in story form to promote awareness and sensitivity to that family members face in their daily lives.  (A collaborative effort with the OU UCEDD/Center for Learning and Leadership)

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