OFN Training

Supporting Parent Training helps prepare you to help new families that have a child diagnosed.  We try to provide each new family as supporting parent to talk to that has had a child with a similar treatment plan to what they are facing.  We prefer that parents attend this training before they are assigned.  

If you are caring for a child with cancer you need a Care Notebook!.  Individuals and families get information and paperwork from many sources. Participants of this workshop are provided tools to organize their most important information in a central place, making it easier for them to find and share key information with others who are part of their loved one’s care team.  Caregivers will benefit from this workshop as they receive all documents to maintain care notebooks on a CD to take home for future updating.

Please contact Lora at lora-roberts@oklahomafamilynetwork.org or 918-227-1797 if you are interested in attending either or both training sessions. More information about these and other OFN trainings can be found on the Oklahoma Family Network website.